Registry of Recognized Institutions

This register of private and public higher education institutions is published in accordance with section Part II of the Accreditation Act 2011, (Act No. 15 of 2011) in terms of section (4) (c) to maintain a registry and data base of the institutions, and of the programmes of study accredited by the Board. Any member of the public has the right to inspect the register.

The Grenada National Accreditation Board recognizes that the information contained in the register is of public interest and that the media may wish to publish it. In order to avoid misrepresentation in the public domain, GNAB kindly requests that all published lists of registered institutions are accompanied by the relevant explanatory information, and include the registered qualifications of each institution.

The information featured in the Register includes the registration/recognition status of institutions, their contact details, the certificate of registration and the auditor’s report. This information is updated as necessary.

Recognition can be defined as a formal acknowledgement by a competent authority of the value of qualification with a view to providing access to educational and/or employment activities.

T.A. Marry Show Community College

Registration #: GNAB 20151011-01
Name: T.A. Marry Show Community College: (T.A. Marryshow Community College Act:4, 1996)
Address: Tanteen, St. George’s Grenada
Contact Person: Dr. Ronald Brunton 


Contact Info:
Tel. # (473-440 3079
Fax: 473 440 1389

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St. George’s University

Registration #: GNAB 20151011-03
Name: St. George’s University Limited (AMENDMENT) ACT,2011 by Act #12)
Address: True Blue St. George’s Grenada
Contact Person: Provost: Dr. Glen Jacobs

Contact Info:
Tel. # 473 444 4175 (ext. 3031)

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Centre of Excellence in ICT

Registration #: GNAB20151011-02
Name: Centre of Excellence in ICT
Address: Frequente St. George’s Grenada
Contact Person: Permanent Secretary Ministry of Communication and Works (ICT Dept.)

Contact Info:
Tel. # 473-440-2271/74
Fax: 473 440-4122

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University of the West Indies

Registration #: GNAB20151011-04
Name: N/A
Address: N/A
Contact Person: Dr. Nicole Phillips

Contact Info:
Tel. # (473)-440-2415
Fax: 473 473-4985

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Edinburgh Napier University

Registration #: 1806001R
Name: Blank
Address: Blank
Contact Person: Mr. Grant Mac.Kerron

Contact Info:
Tel. # +440 131-455-4329

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Bands of Education and Training

The table below presents a representation of the three bands of education and training based on the CARICOM Qualification Framework (CQF) and the Translational Qualification Framework (TQF)

[table id=1]