Proof of Enrollment Letter

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This is required by GNAB in order for applicant’s qualification to be verified. This letter must come directly from the institution to GNAB and must confirm that the applicant was a student at the institution. It must include the start and end date of the applicant’s tenure at the institution as well as the title of the qualification conferred to the applicant.

This letter can be brought to GNAB by the applicant in a sealed envelope with the stamp of the institution across the seal. If this is broken GNAB will not accept the letter.

The information can also be faxed to GNAB. In rare cases GNAB may accept an email directly from the Institutions’ Registrar Office.
An official transcript, sent directly by the institution to GNAB may be used in lieu of the Proof of Enrollment Letter.

NB: Institutions may require a fee for the procurement of the PROOF OF ENROLLMENT LETTER.

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