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Equivalence Assessments

Equivalence Assessments compare a qualification’s descriptors against relevant frameworks in order to determine the level of the qualification. This is a useful tool for individuals who have studied in countries/regions with markedly different education systems as well as clients with certificates in non-traditional disciplines.

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What is Equivalence Assessments ?

Another service provided by GNAB. It is another form of Credential Evaluation, however in this case GNAB evaluates and compares the qualification’s descriptors to descriptors on a number of Qualification Frameworks, especially the CARICOM Qualification Framework to ascertain the level of the qualification. Clients with certificates in non-traditional disciplines (often assessed by levels), as well as clients who have studied in educational systems that are differently structured to ours, are the main applicants for Equivalence Assessments. These assessments may serve to gain job promotions, salary increases, or entry into another educational level.

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