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Institution Status Research

Use this service to determine the status of an institution and by extension a programme that it offers. This is important as there are several ‘rogue’ institutions who operate outside of the education system of their home country or region. They promise cheaper deals aimed at enticing unsuspecting students. Guard yourself against being scammed.

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What is Institution Status Research?

GNAB is aware of and applauds the desire of students to upgrade their educational status. We encourage individuals to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to study and attain their degrees and other qualifications. GNAB advises however, that great caution be taken when selecting Institutions. Be aware of those institutions that are neither recognized nor accredited. Contact Us first.

Grenada and most countries have signed on to GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) making education a tradable good. It therefore means that like all tradable goods, quality is varied, but persons have the right to advertise their product. Education is a product, and many of these institutions have the legal right to operate a business. Many of these institutions illegally acquire course outlines from legitimate universities and operate out of barns and homes claiming to be online Institutions. Many will post fake pictures, rent buildings and pass it off as theirs. Others give all A grades, providing little or no feedback to students. In essence, they sell degrees and are known as Degree Mills. Even others give the ruse of providing scholarships, however their programmes are not accredited and the recipient of a degree from these ‘institutions’ will be hard pressed to find a respectable job or upgrade at their current job, even after spending all their hard-earned monies.

Although this is a known fact, it is extremely difficult to stop these bogus institutions as they have their Apostille, which legitimizes their ‘businesses’. It is up to the consumer (student) therefore to educate themselves and not purchase the ‘tainted’ goods.

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