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Complaints (Medical School)

As an accrediting agency, the GMDC and its survey teams are responsible for making determinations about whether a medical education programme is in compliance with GMDC’s Accreditation Standards. Any individual who believes that a school’s actions or policies indicate noncompliance with the GMDC Standards can bring the issue to the attention of the GMDC by submitting a formal complaint about the school. This can be done at any time, through this medium.

Complaints (GMDC)

GMDC is also committed to a high level of integrity and is keen on addressing possible violations of its accreditation standards, policies, and procedures or even violation of the organization’s principles.Individuals and entities may submit a written complaint concerning GMDC’s perceived violations of its ownpolicies, procedures, or Accreditation Standards.

Lodging a Complainant:

Complainants are required to:

  •  Provide a written statement outlining the concern relative to a medical school and GMDC’s accreditation standards. If against GMDC, outline the concerns regarding GMDC’s violation of its own policies, procedures or standards.
  • Present name and contact details. A complaint WILL NOT be pursued unless the complainant provides contact details and written permission to share the complaint and any supporting documents submitted with the Medical School or Chairman of GMDC. Please include with your complaint a statement granting GMDC such permission.
  • Where complaints relate to the medical programme; present information about the complainant’s attempt to resolve the matter using the medical school’s stated grievance procedures. 


GMDC Action

  • GMDC will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within fifteen (15) calendar days.
  • The GMDC will act only on complaints about programme quality that may, if substantiated, indicate areas of non-compliance with its Standards.
  • If a complaint is pursued, GMDC will indicate to the complainant that it has taken action to resolve the complaint but is not obligated to explain the action taken.


Refer to the Complaints Policy against GMDC for more details.


If you need to amend your complaint please email GMDC at and provide your full name, details of the complaint, and any supporting documentation

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